Monday, July 24, 2006

New Tech News

AMD is buying ATI, which is one of the two largest graphics card manufacturers in the world. This illuminates a bright future for both companies. AMD's dual core and hopefully soon to be quad core should be implemented on the GPU for even more performance from the graphics card. Right now the only general purpose multi core API is OpenMP and if changes are not made now this will become the standard. Currently, a lot of software written for the dual core happens to be buggy such as games like oblivion and bf2. Even AMD's dual core optimizer for 64 bit chips restarts my computer on entry to windows. In programming fixing one core to 2, 4, etc. should all be one fix that will eliminate these problems forever. Changes from 32bit to 64bit is also slowing software development. Direct3D 10 should eliminate some of the latency between the CPU and the GPU. Game developement is still in it's infancy but some game releases have already surpassed movies. Games are longer than movies and therefore offer more enjoyment. Watching a movie requires no skill, but a game requires concentration and offers a much better mental challenge. I have quit watching TV because of video games. TV and Movie channel corps are driving customers away due to there stagnation of programming and high monthly fees. Movie and TV are soon going to all be moved to the internet in favor of freedom of choice to watch what you want instead of a tv programmer who seems to be asleep at the wheel. Google Video is a good start but lacks the coherence of a playlist and ease of use of a TV channel. Time will tell who wins the hearts and minds of the people for media of all forms. I personally witnessed the same tv program being run on 4 network channels at once and there are not that many channels. The internet is quickly becoming the medium of choice for phone, information, and media of all kinds. As giant corps merge, one wonders if only one will remain. If it happens prices will rise, and average people will be left out in the cold as usual.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ray Tracing Madness

Render Your World

The Amusement Machine is the world's first and only Virtual Online Interactive Museum capable of complex object interaction. Exhibits are presented in a format where the visitor or creator may interactively manipulate parts of the exhibit and the exhibit will behave in a physically realistic manor. In other words you can pick up parts of the exhibit and hold them in your virtual hands. More than that, you can throw them down, and pull them apart. Unlike most museums where interaction with exhibits is either severely restricted or completely prevented, The Amusement Machine allows full access to each exhibit and encourages the visitor to actively engage them. Since exhibits are virtual, you can freely break them and they can be instantly repaired.

The Amusement Machine Begins...