Friday, September 29, 2006

Things of use to you

I like to support free software when it's really good.
Just google for these.

Audacity (Audio) //easy record stores directly to (mp3,ogg,wav)
VirtualDub (Video) //fastest and most useful video editing
CD BurnerXP pro //CD/DVD burning , Very easy to use.And get this (it works!)
firefox //Web browser (better security and less attacked than internet explorer)
SpeedFan //temperate monitor for your computer
WinAmp //The best music player
Google //The best and search and least ads
7-zip//opens most known types,has it's own format better than zip,easy to use.
WikiPedia //Online encyclodia where people can add their own posts
There are many more at SourceForge a site for free software developement.Get involved if you can and help make things free.Time is money and they spent the time so you don't have to spend the money.

Why pay high prices for software that doesn't work, instead of something free that does?

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R2K said...

I use a bunch of these.